Oh, here she goes again with another excuse as to why her blogging game has been terrible recently! ...Well, actually maybe not, this isn't an excuse and I don't think this is even going to be an explanation as to why I've been so terrible, just more and rambling of what my next steps could even be? 

Truth be told, I found myself growing more and more via instagram recently and I think that's actually distracted me from working on any other content! I'd spend my weekend going out shooting or grabbing quick shots of my outfits while out with J, and eventually I'd stopped pulling this content for a blog post and instead focused on the short-form of blogging through my phone.

I'm still one for incredibly long captions and very personal stories about my life and mental health, but over the last year it's felt easier to share on one app than on the million others - and we all know that blogging requires so much more work, especially if I wanted my account to grow. 

Truth be told, I don't know what to share online anymore, specially not knowing what to write on my blog. I don't have enough interests to share those with you regularly, I don't do enough activities to share my *days out* with you and I don't believe I can share my voice for anything with enough knowledge, understanding or sustainability to what's 'important'. So I simple just, stopped. 

Last year I was sharing with you my tips and tricks on blogging and photography but soon realised that once I'd written one post, I'd written them all. My lifestyle and travelling had pretty much dried up (...like everyone else's) and well my mental health was shattered to a point that I didn't have any words to describe it to you. 

So I stopped being any type of blogger and have since realised, I now don't know what type of blogger I want to be anymore. 

...And I guess that's the point we're at now. Figuring out my next steps, deciding what's *more me* and what I can talk about online that will provide any interest. 

The craziest thing is, I'd spent so many years as a 'beauty blogger' because it felt like my easier option, I've gravitated towards lifestyle even though I think my life is extremely boring and this year have found myself leaning more towards *fashion blogger* which for years, I wish I'd had the courage to do but finally, when I have that courage, I still don't think I fit in. 

Over the course of the last year, I've not only been completely supported by J who's willing to take some snaps for me while we're out and about (...at the price of a coffee) but I've also made friends within the community who I can meet with regularly and surrounded by people who will help me get content but the girl who started her blog in 2013 dreamed of having this support to get your outfits snapped, is now mostly concerned that maybe, the fashion aspect wasn't all it was cracked up to be after-all. 

Oh jeezh, I just don't know - life has been wild the last 6 weeks and will continue to be for a little while longer, so while I catch up with my own life, just don't mind the weird patch my blog is about to undertake also, I'm thinking more carefree, more fun posts and just generally trying to figure out where I belong... 


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