Hello, Hi, How's it going? 

Welcome to my corner of the internet. 

I'm Sarah, Sarah Lauren or Smurph (but that last one...depends on how well you know me). I hate about me pages; because I want to be this mysterious person that leaves you wanting to know more but I also like to chat and want you to know everything about. 

Where do I start? I'm 28 years old, living in Birmingham. I have a media and a counselling degree, which let's be honest has had very little use since 2014. I started my blog in 2013 to distract me from my struggling second year at university and I just never stopped. I've always had a passion for my photography and I've always had that creative nature - my blog comes hand in hand with that, whist I'm building my skills with my photography, I'm also learning more about my style of writing.

I've always felt a little out of place wherever I've been and been a little bit of an individual. And I guess, to some extent I'm still all those things, but I like how I've been able to translate it to my blog and make it a little different. When it comes to my writing, I like to combine different genres - whether that be beauty, fashion, lifestyle, tv and film and a touch of travel. I'll always go with the flow, so you'll never find a pattern to my posts. If I've had a major shopping spree in a time period; you're most liking going to be seeing plenty of beauty or fashion post. If I've had lots of day trips, I like writing about those too...oh and let's not forget my love for Disney too.

I like to work on a schedule, if I didn't I'd probably go a month without posting and after a couple weeks off recently I ain't about that life anymore, but honestly I won't always stick to it. as I said I'll go with the flow - this is just a routine if you will. At the moment, my schedule is:

 at 9AM. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, I blooming love a good chat. 

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