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Three Cheers For A New Year, Goodbye 2020.


Wow, what a shit show this year has been...and I certainly can't wait to see the back of it. 

Actually, maybe I'm being a little too rash, 2020 hasn't been all *that* bad. Earlier in the year I shared reasons why I'm grateful for 2020 and in all seriousness, those points are still valid, let's call this year an experience if anything at all. 

Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020
Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020
Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020

Actually I don't think I'm making much sense here at all, but this year has been a weird one for us all and the last few months have certainly been the most challenging for me - the most rewarding but also, pals I'm so exhausted. 

Rather than bore you with the details of my struggles of this year, I want to thank the year for the good things it's given me; time with family, strengthening relationships with my family, boyfriend and my best friends. I've been finally secured a digital marketing job {y'all know how much this one means to me} and I've been able to express myself more creatively and to really find my feet when it comes to what I want to share online. 

Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020
Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020

And with those cheers to the last year, out the way, I want to share some of the aspirations I have for the new year... 

And with those cheers to the last year out of the way, 2020 also saw some new beginnings for me and with that means lots of new opportunities will be available to me moving forward and to celebrate all that, I wanted to share with you some of the things that have me cheering for the new year... 


First on my list for things to accomplish in the new year is to simply relax. Since the end of September I’ve been working non-stop, 7 days a week with very little time off - {time off in November was only possible due to lockdown 2.0, so thank for that one Boris}. That being said, I’m hoping to spend the majority of my weekends in January finding the time to switch off from work, from my content and just taking the time to reset from the hectic year that was 2020. 


I know I've already eluded to this, however after years of searching, I can finally say that ya gurl got a job within digital marketing & surprisingly during the pandemic too, so yay! With that, in the new year I want to make sure I’m putting my all into my studies to become the best digital marketer I can be. My job is actually an apprenticeship so I've been training on the job, I meet virtually with my college assessor once a month and already I’m receiving great feedback {from my management, work colleagues and my college assessor} - and although I’m quite chilled about this, I want to know I’ve really focused myself into my study time and when I finally pass my course in 2022, I’ll know it’s been worthwhile. 


This has been tough during the last three months but by some miracle I’ve still been able to achieve it - but I can’t wait to make 2021, the year that my content really thrives. I've been quite lucky to have such a supportive following and god I'm sure you've witnessed my struggles over the years, the writers block, the inability to be on top of my photography and completely loose my love for content creating entirely. That being said, you’ve also watched me find my love for this corner of the internet again - and honestly? I have the last 12 months to thank for it! While it's been a bloody rollercoaster, my god my content has certainly benefited from it. 

In the new year I want to focus my attention on meeting with more creators, continuing to develop my photography skills and to continue sharing my famous flat-lays, being able to share more of my fashion & style posts and having the opportunities to work with more brands, oh I can not wait. 


Okay, this ones a stretch! But I’d love to be in the process of purchasing our first home - both J & I have been dealt some really shitty hands when it comes to careers & job roles over the years & I seriously can’t wait for the day we’re in a stable enough position that we’ll be able to put down a deposit on our first home and if by some miracle we're closer to this dream becoming a reality, that'll make next year one for the memories.  

...PS. Yes, I’ve already mentally decorated our bedroom, living room and omg, I’ve even started shopping for our kitchen utensils - not really, but I’m really fucking close. 


After the year we've experienced, honestly all I really want is to be happy. Cliche & cringe, I know...But some times it's the simple things in life that make the world of different to our mental health. This year has been filled with many rubbish things but it's really helped cleanse my mind from the toxic relationships, from constantly questioning my next move and to even comparing myself to everyone around me. I want to continue focusing on myself and the health relationships around me, knowing that I'm on my own journey to achieving things and sometimes we're so wrapped up in the comparison game that we forget to take a minute to enjoy what we've actually got. 

Thanks to Daisy London for my beautiful necklace which I've made a staple piece to my everyday routine over the last few months! Being able to experiment even with someone as simple as my jewellery has really given me such a confidence boost throughout this year and I can't wait to see how I can continue this in the new year. 

What are your three cheers for this year? 
What are you most looking forward to for the new year? ...Tell me in the comment, I'd love to know x 



A lot has changed this year, and one thing that has had an impact on me has been my relationship with clothing and fashion. Yeah, maybe that's a weird statement for someone who's spent years trying to become a *fashion blogger* but hey, things don't always make sense now do they. 

Let me explain this a little bit more - I've always found my relationship with fashion to be a complicated one, if I'm not worried about the cost of clothing, I've convinced myself I won't suit certain pieces due to my size and then there's just this constant battle of stopping myself from wearing an oversize jumper every other day. 

There's a lot of things I'm grateful for this year, and one of those things have been the opportunity to work on my fashion choices and learning to love myself a little bit more. 

I spent my days during lockdown trying on clothes in my wardrobe that I was once too conscious to wear in public, I experimented with patterns and I just started saying *fuck it* a little more and boy, have I loved it. This year has also been the first time I've ever really felt comfortable enough in front of the camera and luckily with J's help, my confidence to do so has just continued to grow - so much so, I've also met with a number of other bloggers this year and created some of my favourite shoots! 

I've also been working in an office since September & wow in those short few months my thought process with clothes has changed dramatically - I'm more aware of what I want to wear, trying new styles and for the first time in years actually have an excuse to wear something other than practical clothing. 

So as we're getting closer to the colder season {my favourite time of year}, I thought I'd bring back to ol' wish-list and give you my current thought process with my outfit choices - what I want to start experimenting with, what I've already fallen in love with and just finding new ways of finding putting my outfits together. 

What's the top of your list for this winter? ...Personally I'm head over heels with blazers, teddy bear coats and any style of hat! 



I praise anyone who's currently working as a full-time blogger, because the thought of creating my own content at my free will and earning a wage through this platform, that's awesome! If I'm being honest, I've never really known which category I fit in when it came to blogging, and one of the questions I have, is wondering whether I want to work towards making my blog a full-time career or enjoying it for the fun it was when I first started. 

And as of late, I'm now the furthest away from becoming a full time blogger and actually, I'm okay with it. Starting my new job back in September has meant that blogging for myself has taken a back seat and originally I thought I was going to be devastated - when actually, taking that step back has given me a different mindset for my content creating & I miss it more & more rather than it feeling like a chore... 

Blogging has been a huge part of my life for the last couple of years, and after years of trying to use this platform to begin my career in digital marketing - it's finally happening! That being said, my time spent on my own personal projects has become limited over the last few months but thanks to lockdown 2.0 I've got a little extra time to bring back my blogging. 

2020 has given me a taste of blogging full-time and has also limited my time with my online content - I feel this year has meant I've tried and tested both worlds in the blogging community and ultimately I'm still making my mind up on what direction and how much time I want to spend creating online - but for those still passionate about this corner of the internet, I've created a list of ways to stay productive as a part-timer.  

This! This is the important one. I've always been someone who finds content feels much more stress-free when I've been able to plan it ahead - I think it's more of a personal thing but realistically I love sitting down & planning everything ahead of time, it's both practical and weirdly therapeutic. Personally not only do I find this less stressful and helps me sharing more content, more consistently - it also gives me the opportunity to take a break from creating content every week, because creative burn out is the worst. 

Forget diamonds, I honestly believe notebooks are a girls best friend. I have a number of notebooks for every occasion, however mine get the most use for blogging. A few years ago my friend Tarnya introduced me to the idea of a mini notebook for jotting ideas on the go and I've had lil notepads in my bag ever since, and seriously it's a game-changer.  I have notebooks where I'll physically write out posts when I need to have that pen to paper moment and then diaries and other notebooks just to create plans, to-do lists and for every other note I need to write down - but trust me, I'll find any excuse to pick up a new one. 

I've always been an advocate for bulk photography! Originally I did this because photography has always been my favourite part of blogging, I've always found the concept of creating these ideas and putting them together during a photoshoot to be the place I get the most joy. I've always found that having a back-log of photography works best for me, it means I've always got some content I can work towards and will always help to have content ready in advance is I get multiple photographs ready during one day. 

Honestly, this ones the tough-y! My biggest challenging with my blog at the moment is finding the time {and the energy} to write. Luckily for my blog, lockdown 2.0 means my second job is currently furloughed and I've got some time over the weekend to work on my content - I've got planning, photography and editing all down and it's going perfectly for me, however finding time for writing blog posts is just a thing of the past. 

My biggest tip for this is to simply focus on writing when you're feeling motivated - use the notebooks, writing down on your phone or whatever time of the day you simply feel ready to write. It's taken me three attempts to complete this post and, phew am I glad to see this is my final attempt with it. 

One thing I'll say to anyone struggling to stick with a blogging routine is; talk with other creators. Keep yourself motivated and connect with other bloggers - whether it's commenting on each others content, starting group chats or just generally having that connection with other people online will really help keep you productive as a part-time blogger.  

Oh, now this is a big one! Since working full time and my blog being part time, if I create content - it has to be because I want to do it! I'll spending evening writing and editing, weekends have suddenly become my bulk photography days - and then theres some weekends where I'll do nothing, I'll have zero motivation and it's recognising needing that break for the days when I'm actually motivated being worthwhile...honestly, when you force content it shows! 

Staying productive as a part time blogger can be quite challenging and honestly sometimes I question why I even bother? But truth be told I enjoy having this platform to keep myself creative and I love it! 

How do you stay productive with your blog? Give me all your suggestions because some days it's such a challenge... 


Life Update: I Got A New Job.

Right, I'm going to start this post off with *two* apologies, one for being gone for a couple weeks and, two, if you follow me on instagram you'll have heard all about my new job - so I can only imagine you're bored shitless of me and this news.

The first few weeks of my new job I was so excited about this new opportunity, and even though I'm still very much in love with the job I must admit even I'm tired of hearing my own voice and how much it becomes my topic of conversation - so bare with me while I find the balance with it all.

...And with that out the way I wanted to share with you a little more depth about why I've disappeared from the blogging world over the last few weeks. 


I announced this via my instagram back in September just a week before starting my new position, in *digital marketing* and it's been a wonderful journey so far. 

You all probably know the story by now, but incase you're not up-to-date with my job search struggle over the years...After years of unsuccessful job applications I used my time during the first lockdown to teach myself some digital marketing courses. Anyways, I've been teaching myself via online courses, joining groups on facebook and even spending my evenings taking part in seminars - after years of wanting to start a career within digital marketing, I was admittedly beginning to give in and out of the blue, I found myself being offered my dream job. 

The craziest part is that it's in an estate agents - which to most of you, probably doesn't sound crazy at all but for years I've always been intrigued with the world of homes, sales and lettings and wondered how the hell do I get myself a job in an estate agents...and without thinking about it, found myself doing my dream job with a job I always thought would be too far out of reach. 

It's been a wild 6 weeks, I've well and truly jumped head-first into this position and even with my limited experience through my blog and all the teaching myself online - there's many moments when I feel completely out of my depth, yet I'm so pleased with myself for settling in as fast as I have. 

So what's my job role? I'm actually working two jobs within one job title - so there's never a moment when I've not stopped learning something new and I'm loving it. I work in a little office in the town centre, finding homes for people & families, taking rent payments and working with the public but I'm also creating their whole online presence & whilst it's nerve-wrecking, I love the response I'm getting so far. I'm also thankful that I'm working alongside a small team who have welcomed me in with open arms (something I've not always had in work environments) and I'm feeling more and more comfortable by the day. 

One thing I'm yet to mention is the fact I'm also still working my part-time job at The Disney Store, so my life has taken a huge halt for the last couple of weeks - thankfully lockdown 2.0 has given me some time off over the weekend; however, until then I was working seven days a week, and let me tell you - it's bee the weirdest and rewarding experience of this year. 

I was determined to spend a little more time at Disney and working the busy period of Christmas was something I actually enjoyed doing last year - so I wanted one last experience before saying goodbye. 

Life's been a little out of control lately, and whilst it's been amazing for me to start my dream career, I've really missed creating online - so whilst I've got some off time I'm hoping I'll be able to bring back my content, I've been able to keep working on my instagram but blogging has really been neglected over the weeks. 

How have you been? I've missed you all x

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