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Oh wow it's been a long time since I got chatty about my viewing choices and being as I've had a lot more time on my hands, I think it's about time we caught up. 

I'd kind of hoped that during my time being furloughed I could use this to mines & J's advantage...remember *that* podcast we started? But truth be told, without the fun date days, the new cinematic releases and the fact that we've been mostly re-watching old favourites,  we've found it difficult to find the time, space or energy to keep it up-to-date.

See The Stars - what i've been watching #3
See The Stars - what i've been watching #3

Realistically once I've written out this post; I'll be kicking both our butts into gear and plan our #LockdownEdition episode, because although we've been out of work and stuck at home since March...we've got plenty to chat about. 

And I miss talking about our movie nights, sharing our thoughts on what we're watching and with my what to watch recommendations being so popular, I remembered that even though our podcast is a little dry right now, my blog is the perfect place to talk movies and binge watching...

See The Stars - what i've been watching #3

So what have we been watching recently? Lots of chick flicks and discovering some fun & wholesome tv series too... 

Oh, I had such high hopes for this film, the film included some great actors - Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn and the girl from angus thongs & perfect snogging... but unfortunately, I was so disappointed and a little bit bored. I really liked the premise of the film, I'm a sucker for movies that include a mix of peoples storylines but I just don't think these stories worked together as much as I'd originally hoped. 

Ah, another disappointing film. We watched Yesterday last summer and the mix of the British humour and the Beatles music and I was confident Blinding By The Light would be the same; but with Bruce Springsteen, but I was so bored I switched it off after 30 minutes...I'm so sorry.  

Alright so don't judge me but I have such a *not so secret* crush on Robbie Amell, but who wouldn't, have you seen him? And when J's brother told us how much he enjoyed this new amazon prime series, I was eager to watch it - I don't think J is as sold so we're only half way through the season but so far I'm really enjoying it. The series is based in the future(?) where they're able to upload themselves to a virtual afterlife, with communications to the still-living and the help of a 'angel' in the new world they live in. It's fantasy and fun but gives me a little bit of fear that this might some day become our reality, weird. 

Another movie available on Prime is the wedding year, one that's been on my watch-list for some time and I'm so happy we finally sat down and watched it. A sweet film with a good cast following a new couple who attend 7 weddings together within a year - a true test of their relationship, whilst were yet to attend our first wedding together I think I instantly felt a connection with Mara and her commitment worries. Probably one of my favourites we've watched in lockdown, 10 out of 10 - would watch again...

Right okay, if you're a Greys Anatomy fan and you've not yet watched the spin-off series of Station 19, whats wrong with you? This is probably one of my top choices in terms of tv series right now and after he's been dipping in and out of episodes for the last year; I'm so excited by the fact J and I have been watching from season 1 (it's available on prime fyi). It's dramatic, intense and comedy gold - and in true Shonda Rhimes fashion, everyone is gorgeous & you guessed it, their relationships are always a little 'messy'. 

This has been on our watch list, possibly since last summer and when I got Disney+ for my birthday back in March, it's been on the list since. I'll be honestly we're working through this super slowly, probably watching one movie every two weeks (we're currently watching station 19 & nothing else). We recently watching Iron Man 3, which I remember enjoying more when I initially watched it, I'm excited to get stuck into the more intense viewing of avengers rather than all the other to be honest.  

I don't know how many people are aware of this, but love rosie is one of my all time movie choices, I randomly picked up the book in 2013 and I've been in love ever since. I read the book one summer during uni and when the movie was released I was absolutely in love with Lily Collins & Sam Claflin; the story of two best friends and their tangled relationship, filled with so many kiss her already moments, & so many moments when you want to scream at both Rosie & Alex but the film itself is so sweet and wholesome and I love any chance to watch it... 

See The Stars - what i've been watching #3

Lockdown has really messed with my sleeping pattern and after a 5am wake up call, I spent my very sleepy Sunday morning watching the entire first season of this netflix show and honestly it was heartbreaking, funny and left me feeling all mushy for the rest of the day. I'm not typically a fan of Ricky Gervais; his comedy is usually something I like but this, I really enjoyed.

Right, is anyone else just loving this? I'm half way through the series - so please no spoilers! But after I saw everyone calling this the new Gilmore girls, I knew it was a must-see. I recognise a huge chunk of the cast from other series, films & projects they've worked on so seeing them altogether is perfect for me, that mix of the small town vibes and how everything just looks so quaint and vibe-y...I can't quite figure out how to explain it but it definitely fills that Gilmore Girls hole in my heart and I can't wait to watch the rest of the season. 

Unless you're not following me on IG or Twitter, you may have missed the fact that I've been watching Grey's Anatomy for the entitreity of lockdown (but there's a separate post about that...) it's meant that finding the time to watch other things feels a little 'limited' - but J and I tend to make dinner together and choose something to watch every evening before bed, so we've been making the most of our free evenings together and I bloody love it! 

Have you watched anything from my life above? Any recommendations for what we can watch next? 



I know travelling has been a bit of a strange subject during the current situation but I've been thinking about our next travel plans - how ever distanced they may be, it's been a fun distraction and a coping mechanism to get me through lockdown. 

See The Stars - Whats on my Disney travel bucket list
See The Stars - Whats on my Disney travel bucket list

And whilst being in isolation, I've not been working (obvs) but that's meant I've had a little less Disney magic in my life and I never thought I'd see the day when I was missing work, but here we are... 

I've already shared my other travel plans and together with J we have such a long list of places we're desperate to revisit or experience together, but whilst I'm more than happy with these destinations, I've always dreamed of seeing more of the Disney destinations, and my Disney related posts seem to be quite popular with you. 

I've been lucky enough to experience Disneyland Paris a number of times, however travelling over to the states and seeing the original Disneyland has been on my bucket list since, god the mid 90's - so believe me, a Disney trip is a long time coming for this girl, okay? 

...So in an attempt to give myself a that Disney joy, I've complied a list of all the Disney plans I've been wanting to tick off said bucket list. 


This might sound lame, but imma say it anyways - I've actually been dreaming of visiting Walt Disney World in Florida since I was a kid and the opportunity had never arrived, lack of funds, travel anxiety and a long list of other excuses. Surprisingly though, I think J is one board for this trip, probably because there's other so many other attractions around (hello, universal) but this could finally be something we do in the near future (or, three years), but here's some of the top attraction bits I'm desperate to see. 


∙ CHARACTER MEETS - I met Chip & Dale in DLP back in '15 and never felt the urge for character meets on my last couple of trips, but it all seems a little more magical over in Florida. 

∙ BE OUR GUEST RESTAURANT - In all of our trips to DLP I'm yet to book a table at any of the special dining restaurants, so getting to experience that at one of the most well known restaurants is an absolute must. 

∙ SPLASH MOUNTAIN - It's a water ride, right? And on that note I'm sold, I haven't done too much research into this but it's always somehow found itself as a must-do on my list. 

∙ JOURNEY OF THE LITTLE MERMAID - Actually this comes hand in hand with Peter Pan's flight both are story-book rides, so nice and simple yet, the most beautiful rides. 

∙ SPACE MOUNTAIN - One of my all-time favourite rides of DLP, I'm making it my own personal mission to experience this ride at all the parks. 

∙ BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD - My only experience of Big thunder mountain has been on our first trip to DLP in 2003(?) and it's either been closed, broken down or just too busy to ride on my next few trips - so why not save the ride and experience it - bigger and better at WDW, right?  


∙ TWILIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR - the ultimate fav ride and no one can change my mind, again similar to space mountain, it's just a must to experience this at all the parks - see whether the storylines are any different, so excited. 

∙ ROCK N ROLLER COASTER - This has now closed at DLP , which breaks my heart and it wasn't until creating this post did I realise it was still open in Florida, I bloody miss this ride so first on the agenda when we book our trip. 

∙ TOY STORY LAND - my least favourite of the Pixar films (I'm sorry, don't judge me) but the parks just knock it out the park (ha) with this theme. It's so bright and colour and really captures the fun from these movies and mate, I just love the attention to detail of these areas. 

∙ STAR WARS: GALAXY'S EDGE - the newest attraction in Hollywood Studios and one we're both  desperate to see, I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit checking out peoples instagrams and watching YouTube videos of people's trips and omg it looks bloody amazing. 


I'll be honest I don't know much about what epcot offers but when watching vlogs and watching the imagineering story - I've been desperate to find out a little more about what this part of WDW has to offer... 

∙SPACESHIP EARTH - I mean most of all, I just want to see this in all it's glory, I didn't even realise it was a ride, so that's now on the list. While it looks pretty slow moving, I think I just want to wait in that queue to say I've experienced it, nah, I don't care if that's lame?!
∙WORLD SHOWCASE - I've always been intrigued by this as a whole, getting to visit little snippets of countries across the world all in one place and I'm weird fascinated to see what England part of Epcot looks like... 

Obviously being able to see Florida as a whole is chapter in itself on my bucket list, so cutting these down to just a few things was more difficult than I'd like to admit.

See The Stars - Whats on my Disney travel bucket list


Again, like Epcot, I knew this existed but I never really took much notice and it wasn't until I was 21 and watching the shaytard daily vlogs (ah, anyone else remember those days?) did I really take noticed of Anaheim, but before all Disney fans come at me for not taking note of the original Disney park, I've always had this argument with myself - I'm sorry. 

Now I'm desperate to see this park in all it's glory... 

∙ MAIN STREET U.S.A - Whilst I wouldn't be surprised that each park showcases Main Street the same way, I think it's one of my favourite aspects in DLP that I'd love to see how it's portrayed amongst the other resorts, and to be honest there's nothing like being in the middle of main street that really makes you feel like you've come home, am I right?

∙MICKEY'S TOONTOWN - I remember watching house of mouse and all the other Disney cartoons as a kid that features this town (I think?), but to be honest I'd just really love to wonder round and see Minnie & Mickey's homes, how cute really! 


Right, so I knew this existed but I didn't realise it was a theme park in actually I don't know what or where I thought it park was. Again, when watching the imagineering story; I learnt so much about this park and have been a little bit desperate since to book a flight to Cali. 

∙ CARS LAND - If you're already noticed a theme here a lot of this knowledge about the parks has come from watching Imagineering Story, and I'm so glad we watched this I was never really the demographic for cars but I love it all the same, two of my 4 trips to DLP we've stayed at Santa Fe and the soundtrack makes me feel warm, so discovering they have a land where I can experience this cool little world for myself. 

∙ PIXAR PIER - There's something about that ferris wheel that I've always wanted to see and that's all. 


∙ Since finding so much joy from the Paris has me so intrigued to see as many different Disney parks and to experience that joy time and time again; whilst China hasn't always been on the top of my list to travel - but I'm starting to believe I'd really be missing out if I don't include this on my bucket list. 

∙ I believe a lot of the this park is majority similar to the other parks, but I'd just love to experience it all for myself. 

Oh wow, this turned into a bit of a lengthy post didn't it. Being able to visit all the Disney sites is one of my biggest travel dreams - I know it's totally boring and unnecessary to some, but I know many of y'all will agree with me here, so let's just pretend for a while that this will someday become a reality. 

Which Disney resort is at the top of your travel wish-list? Is there anything I've missed that you think I need to see? Let me know... 




Imagine this, movie montage, working from home, on my dream career. See it? Nah nor me.

And as much as I wish this was a post dedicated to how i've been working from home the last couple of months, I thought I'd share with you how we've turned our 'spare bedroom' into my 'blogging workspace' and, oh my god, I'm biased but isn't it pretty...

See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour

This feels a little bittersweet to be writing about my blogging space; as just a couple weeks back I was seriously considering quitting my blog, and although the jury is still out on that decision I'm so grateful that I've got this little corner of the house to reside in when I do feel like writing my lil heart out. 

All blogging doubts aside - a post for a later date, if you're interest? The spare bedroom has finally had a makeover, the room was previously my brothers when we initially moved into this house and became my bedroom when I moved back a couple summers ago. So it's fair to say this little box room at mom and dad's house has seen some stories... 

We made the decision earlier this year to tidy up this room and to give me a little extra space to work on my blogging and with everything happening we'd not really found the time to do anything - until lockdown. It's not perfect but I love having this space. 

See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour

Like most lockdown = furloughed, I'd been out of work from March 14th til June 15th and during that time I needed something to keep my brain occupied, and whilst I'm currently having a crisis with my decision to continue my blog and it's platforms, for those 3 months blogging was my ultimate go-to. 

I found a routine that worked well for me, working a similar schedule to a Mon-Friday 9-5 office job, I'd get dressed, grab myself a coffee and spend my day at my new set up - and thanks to Viking Direct I've been able to extend my desk space and *finally* make the room feel complete and guys, I'm in love. 

We've still got the room set up as a bedroom, y'know incase we ever have overnight visitors (which has never happened) - but I've definitely made this an additional *me* room in the house and it's nice to have a place to come and hide out, lol introvert life. Last year we moved my computer and desk into this room anyways as J moved in and my bedroom couldn't hold all my belongings anymore and since then I've been chipping away at getting this space for my 'office' - over time I've continued to add little details into the room - including bits of artwork and my Minnie ears, clearing out some storage space, and once we'd added the bookshelf, this room suddenly felt like a *proper* working space and I'm so grateful for it...

See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour
See The Stars - Office Space Makeup | blogger room tour

Now I've got the room in relatively *good* working order, it's now top of my list to get everything a little more organised - like any basic blogger my desk drawer is filled with notebooks and my 2020 diary, which I use every week/everyday to organise the week ahead.

I've added the letter sorter onto my bookshelf for any urgent letters or blog related bits and I've started to hold my disney ears in the matching letter tray - the ears fyi, I'm hoping to sell on etsy but there's a bit of backstage faff atm, so if you're interested - I'll be announcing any news on instagram. Truth be told, this room has come together perfectly, from a space I thought would take so much work has become the best working space I've had in a long time - although I do miss a day of writing in a coffee shop! 

Whilst it's not been essential for me to work from home during lockdown, I'm so grateful I've now got this working space for all my side-projects I've been doing, trust me jumping between blogging, digital marketing courses and training as a digital marketer with a small business, this desk set up and my incessant need to become a more organised person has made my lockdown life much easier. 

How have you been coping in lockdown? Have you continued working or are you still furloughed? 




How to Plan a Weekend Staycation

Vacations are getting more expensive and less attainable than ever- so many Americans are turning to staycations instead.  Giving yourself the feeling, and fun, of a vacation without having to spend thousands or travel is a pretty compelling idea.

The execution can be risky, though.  Here are some ways to prepare and spend your staycation without just spending the whole weekend on the couch.

See the Stars - how to plan a weekend staycation


It may sound weird to think about sightseeing in your hometown, but every city has its views and beauty to take in.  Whether you're enjoying the mountain views in Tucson, or taking in the beautiful architecture and classic homes while hunting for Atlanta houses for sale- every city has a picture that will leave you breathless.

If you're by the oceans or near open plains, take in the beauty your area has to offer.


Many locals judge tourists when they come to town- and avoid tourist destinations on instinct because of it.  This line of thought can be a huge mistake because you're missing out on a lot that your area has to offer.  Enjoy historic districts, many of which offer ghost walks and tours- or go to amusement parks or rides that you'd usually avoid.  This one can be a more expensive option since no tourist trap is typically free- but budget for this ahead of time and plan out what you're going to do.

If you’re not sure what tourist traps are hot in your area, look it up online!  Almost every town in America has a tourism website.


You don't have to eat at the most expensive restaurants, or order in, to have a nice meal.  Cook a meal with whoever you're spending the staycation with, and have a picnic together.  This picnic can be in your backyard or in a park that you see often but never actually get to enjoy.  Some gardens and arboretums that are free to visit even allow you to picnic there as long as you thoroughly clean up after yourselves.


Take a vacation from social media, get offline, and live in the moment.  Focus on the world around you, instead of screens.  If you’re aching for some entertainment, go to a drive-in theater (they’re making a comeback!), or see if a local theater is putting on a show.  Give yourself the chance to reset entirely from your online life.


Take a class!  It can be online, or in person- or you could even watch some how-to Youtube videos- but learn a new skill.  The best options are cooking, painting, or doing something with your hands. Getting something new can be rewarding and can make your brain work in ways it didn't before.  You don't have to study hard or treat it like college, but let yourself enjoy the learning process.  After all, if you're taking up a cooking class, you're at least guaranteed something tasty to enjoy afterward.

The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself.  Instead of working, or just being a homebody, this is your time to cut loose and relax.

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