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OH BOY, has this post been a long time coming. Actually such a long time coming, that I've written, deleted and re-written this more times than I'd like to admit for well over a year. 

I often get so far into writing this post and flake from sharing this with you, but the fact that it's on my mind over a year later, must mean I seriously need to get it off my, here goes nothing. 

Why I'm okay with saying goodbye to bad friendships - sarahlaublogs

I don't know whether it's the fact I'm now in my late 20's or the fact that I've finally accepted that nothing good comes from having bad people in your life, and to be honest as the years go by, I'm okay with being the person with fewer friends - what is it that say? Quality over quantity? 

From my late teens until my mid-twenties, I found myself make friends with some pretty shitty people. Whether they were spreading gossip within the friendship group, making me the butt of everyones jokes and not knowing why or having that one manipulative friend who you later discovered was gaslighting you. God, have I had a mix of bad friendships - but it's not exactly something I ever wanted to be known for (...and I think that's why I've avoided writing this for so long...) 

Why I'm okay with saying goodbye to bad friendships - sarahlaublogs
Why I'm okay with saying goodbye to bad friendships - sarahlaublogs

But today, today it feels okay to stand up and accept that I've had those experiences. 

I've lived and learned from them. 

And weirdly it's made me an expert on who to avoid and who I'm better off without. 

Because, it's okay to say goodbye to bad friendships.

Actually, it's more than okay. It's something we need to encourage more. Not only for your mental wellbeing, but just because! Because why should we let those shoddy people be in our lives any longer than they have been, because they seriously don't deserve a friend like you. 

The thing I've found problematic about the whole experience is *how I go about saying goodbye* and eventually, once you stop feeding them your goodness, once you stop letting them say mean things about you and once you stop making them feel better about themselves, they soon get bored and leave you alone. 

Why I'm okay with saying goodbye to bad friendships - sarahlaublogs

I've found myself with fewer friends over the years and for a really long time, thought I was the problem. It wasn't until I take a step back and looked at the issues in these relationships did I realise that I was never to blame. 

Those few friends I have are the best friends I have. 

They make me feel welcomed whenever I need them 
They never make me feel less of a person for my feelings. 
They support and encourage me throughout every decision in life. 

And I'm stupidly lucky to have them by my side. 

Why I'm okay with saying goodbye to bad friendships - sarahlaublogs

I thought this would be more of an *how to guide* on saying goodbye to bad people, but I think for the first time, writing this down has allowed me to assess the situation and find closure in the loss of those friendships. Thanks for making me a stronger person, I guess but boy, am I glad our time together ended. 

If you ever need someone to talk to about a similar situation, I'm just a message away, here... 




Oh, here she goes again with another excuse as to why her blogging game has been terrible recently! ...Well, actually maybe not, this isn't an excuse and I don't think this is even going to be an explanation as to why I've been so terrible, just more and rambling of what my next steps could even be? 

Truth be told, I found myself growing more and more via instagram recently and I think that's actually distracted me from working on any other content! I'd spend my weekend going out shooting or grabbing quick shots of my outfits while out with J, and eventually I'd stopped pulling this content for a blog post and instead focused on the short-form of blogging through my phone.

I'm still one for incredibly long captions and very personal stories about my life and mental health, but over the last year it's felt easier to share on one app than on the million others - and we all know that blogging requires so much more work, especially if I wanted my account to grow. 

Truth be told, I don't know what to share online anymore, specially not knowing what to write on my blog. I don't have enough interests to share those with you regularly, I don't do enough activities to share my *days out* with you and I don't believe I can share my voice for anything with enough knowledge, understanding or sustainability to what's 'important'. So I simple just, stopped. 

Last year I was sharing with you my tips and tricks on blogging and photography but soon realised that once I'd written one post, I'd written them all. My lifestyle and travelling had pretty much dried up ( everyone else's) and well my mental health was shattered to a point that I didn't have any words to describe it to you. 

So I stopped being any type of blogger and have since realised, I now don't know what type of blogger I want to be anymore. 

...And I guess that's the point we're at now. Figuring out my next steps, deciding what's *more me* and what I can talk about online that will provide any interest. 

The craziest thing is, I'd spent so many years as a 'beauty blogger' because it felt like my easier option, I've gravitated towards lifestyle even though I think my life is extremely boring and this year have found myself leaning more towards *fashion blogger* which for years, I wish I'd had the courage to do but finally, when I have that courage, I still don't think I fit in. 

Over the course of the last year, I've not only been completely supported by J who's willing to take some snaps for me while we're out and about ( the price of a coffee) but I've also made friends within the community who I can meet with regularly and surrounded by people who will help me get content but the girl who started her blog in 2013 dreamed of having this support to get your outfits snapped, is now mostly concerned that maybe, the fashion aspect wasn't all it was cracked up to be after-all. 

Oh jeezh, I just don't know - life has been wild the last 6 weeks and will continue to be for a little while longer, so while I catch up with my own life, just don't mind the weird patch my blog is about to undertake also, I'm thinking more carefree, more fun posts and just generally trying to figure out where I belong... 





With the world slowly getting back to normal, it was so nice being back in the busy city of Birmingham and getting to experience the launch party at Tonight, Josephine. 

In the middle of the summer myself and a number of other Birmingham bloggers were given the opportunity to check out Tonight, Josephine for their official launch party and boy, what a fun evening it was...Apologies for the lack of updates and the fact that this post is coming 2 months later than expected, but I had a whole drama with my laptop being out of action for the entirety of August, so we're catching up, okay? 


The Tonight, Josephine nightclub is based central of the city, just opposite the Grand Central train station, so an easy find! From the outside looks like any normal bar within the city, but upon entry it's like a hidden underground spot and a new favourite of mine. 

We were welcomed by the team and lead down to this underground bar, where you'll see three sections of the club - with plenty of private booths and seating areas, but be quick to find that perfect spot with your pals as those booths fill up pretty quickly. 

Upon entry into the club we were given complimentary tokens to use for our drinks for the evening and I really did use this as an opportunity to test their range of cocktails and boy, they were just too good! 


The staff were super good with us, service was obviously very busy as *everyone* wanted to trial their cocktails but they we're so upbeat! After a few drinks I used this as the perfect chance to get some photos in their iconic photo spots, the neon walls are definitely what they are going to known for! ...Also, don't miss out on the photobooth because that was stupidly fun (and you can download your images for those of you needing to share pictures with friends).  


Throughout the night we were constantly entertained from their hosting drag queen, poppycock and the best Britney impersonator. We also played Bingo and had some fabulous lip sync battles, honestly it was a full evening of fun and I just didn't want the evening to end. 


The night made me realise how lucky I am that I've found a bunch of girls through blogging and my instagram life, who I can share these fun moments with and to not feel completely judged because I want to get a quick photo or two for *content*. 

It was fun for us all to spend the evening together having a few drinks and just kind of switching off from life's for anyone in the Birmingham (or London) area looking for a care-free evening - Tonight, Josephine might be exactly what you're looking for! From their evenings similar to mine but also their themed bottomless brunches, I'm sure you'll find something you're going to love! 

...Now, if you don't mind me, I'm going to spend my day wishing I had an evening like these planned for my upcoming weekend! 


What I've Learnt Being a Content Creator This Year

As someone who loves to see her creative mind come to life, trying to keep yourself constantly creatively motivated and inspired is quite simply exhausting and it's no surprise that I've struggled with it over the years, and this year has been no different but I wanted to talk about it and share some thoughts I've had recently in the hopes it re-ignites my lack of ideas right now. 

Although this blog has been ticking over since 2013, my energy for blogging hasn't always been around. I've dipped in and out of content creating more times than I can count, but there's always something that pulls me back in. At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, I decided to use my days in lockdown to my advantage and honestly, I think it was the first time since starting my blog, that I *finally* saw some kind of pay off, I was some how constantly inspired, my engagement was at it's best and I was actually seeing some genuine growth with my accounts for the first time in years. 

And although my blogging days have since dried up (trust me, this draft was deleted 3 times before I finally found the right words), I've not limited myself to only being able to write a blog. Instead I've been more active on instagram, being more creative with my shoots, creating videos and generally having a much more successful time than I ever have done with blogging itself. 

But I miss writing, I miss putting photos together and sharing my feelings. Lets be honest, I'm a bit too much of an over-sharer for instagram captions, so blogging desperately needs to make a comeback! 

Right, instead of more ramblings, let's actually get on with todays, what have I learnt? Let's make a trust-y list, shall we... 

No joke, planning really is my favourite part of creating. I love the days when I've got music on full blast, I have a pen and a notepad and I'm just jotting down ideas. The last few months I've been winging it with my content, getting snaps of outfits on my weekends and not really getting to focus on what I want to share or how I want to share it and I can really feel the difference in my dedication to it. 

I've had annual leave this week and it's honestly the first time in a long time I've felt like I've had the time to plan and I've loved it!

Personally, I hate the term 'find your niche' - I understand 100% how beneficial it can be, but I don't have a niche and I find it such a mental battle to limit myself to one area, so if you're anything like me - just don't! But for the most part, I am constantly trying to figure out what works for me, whether it's figuring out how to share my outfits, wanting to share more flat-lays or figuring out how to create more video content, it's all about trial and error! Somedays pay off and somedays don't but eventually it'll fall into place!  

One of the best things about my corner of the internet has been the friendships I've created, from the girls in my earlier blogging days to the girls I can consider my best friends now - making that connection with new people and simply just asking 'can we be friends' has been much easier than I expected. If it's something that you worry about, let me tell you a secret - make that first move with leaving comments on their instagram posts, react to stories or just re-share their posts. These simple gestures have created so many genuine relationships with pals online and it's only a matter of time before I'm asking if they want to have a content day or just meet for coffee! 

Seriously, repeat after me - it's okay to take a break! I'm sure you've all noticed I've taken a fair few in my time, my blog needs dusting off more often than I'd like to admit and occasionally I find myself needed to hit pause with instagram - and it's completely okay. I've taken some time out recently due to being off sick and taking that step back from everything in my life made a huge difference when I was ready to come back again. 

Don't worry, taking a blogging break used to make it shit scared too - but over time I've realised that taking that pause actually helps rejuvenate my overall creative energy. I can't wait to comeback and be better than ever! 

Now this one might sound a little bit silly, but one question you'll be asked from any new content creator is about confidence, in yourself, your style, your photography or going out to take content with other bloggers and to be honest, it's taken me until this last year to get confident myself and even then, most days I'm faking it! 

Most people will remind you that the people seeing you in the streets won't see you again and tbh it's facts. Remembering that they won't see you again or that's probably not even the weirdest thing they've seen all day is a phase that I'll repeat to myself while I'm having my photos taken. 

...okay, now this is the most important fact. Enjoy yourself is such an important part of being a content creators. I honestly spend so much of my spare time working on my content and why would I waste that extra time on something that I didn't love? I've always gravitated towards hobbies that allowed me to be creative and doing this 'online thang' has meant I've been able to focus on something I love but has also given me another income and honestly, if I didn't love it as much as I do, I'd pack it all in tomorrow. 

If we're being completely honest, I do often feel cringe calling myself a content creator/blogger and there's no way I'd ever consider myself an influencer - but finding this creative outlet way back when has been the most beneficial thing for me, I've grown in confidence, I've grown as a creative person and to be honest, I just love how I spend my free time. if you don't mind me, I've got a couple ideas that I've been avoiding that I think after writing this lil post, I finally feel inspired to do. 

See you all soon x 

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