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Is this really another blogging comeback?



Oh well, hello. Long time no see on the blog front. How have you all been? I hope you’re doing well... 

Another blogging comeback - Sarahlaublogs

Blogging has taken a backseat in my mind in the last couple of months but recently I’ve found myself *wanting* to bring myself back & writing more regularly. Last year I found myself in a great routine with my blog & lockdown and my limited working hours once returning to work meant I could focus on what I shared more regularly. 

Fortunately for me, since September I’ve been working in a new job, in a brand new job role, this has meant my blog has found itself at the bottom of my priority list. Today however, today I’m writing a post to say, its making a come back, or at least I hope...and I want to make some changes to make the whole notion of writing all the more fun! How? I hear you asking...Well, actually, I don’t know. It’s not quite been decided yet, but once I’ve decided, you’ll be the first to know.

Another blogging comeback - Sarahlaublogs
Another blogging comeback - Sarahlaublogs

One thing I know for sure is, I want to stop putting pressure on myself to write or to focus on only creating  captivating content. Last year I found myself writing more ‘helpful’ posts about blogging & photography, and the standard *lifestyle* posts & even though I loved writing them, I felt that once I’d written one post about it, I’d written them all, you know? 

Last year was truly a good year for my blog, probably the best year!  And much to my surprise you all stuck around during my times when dipping in and out of writing & welcomed me back with open arms, I challenged my content and what I wanted to write, I paid more attention to my photography, met with other bloggers & even J improved massively on the photography game and not only did my confidence grow, so did my following, ps. Thank you so much for that by the way. 

Another blogging comeback - Sarahlaublogs
Another blogging comeback - Sarahlaublogs

So even though I’m still trying to figure it all out, …I just want to make it much more simple again, continue to share fashion content as I’ve grown to love doing so over the course of this year, but I want to make the posts simple, share my life & my thoughts a little more without fear or doubting myself too much. Truly bringing back the dear diary moments & allowing the people who read the post really feel as if they know me on a personal level. And while I figure all that out, I hope y’all decided to stick with me - of course I’ll share posts that you were already enjoying but maybe I’ll focus myself on creating those posts a little more few & far between. 

For the days you can’t find me blogging, you’ll find that I’ve found myself more captivated by Instagram -  During my busiest periods at the end of last year & while I’ve been trying to rediscover my place online, I found myself falling more in love with creating content for Instagram. I found a place where I was connecting with so many like minded people, I’ve made new & wonderful friendships & I’ve found myself pushing myself in terms of creating, my photography is tested a little more now, I’ve been filming more reels & IGTV’s and have been gaining so much work from the little platform we call IG. So if you’re looking to find me creating & sharing much more regularly - I’ll be at @sarahlaublogs. 

Sending you all lots of love x




It’s been a year of trial and error making the spare bedroom at my parents house, the perfect office space...but I think we’ve finally completed it. I always knew I needed to create the perfect gallery wall, filled with posters that truly resemble my personality and thankfully these prints are the perfect combination of both me & J. With the help of Poster Store, we've truly made this room our own and I can't for you'll to see this space. 

Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs

Since my brother moved out a few years ago, his bedroom has been used for a variety of different things, from being the spare bedroom, a dumping ground and ultimately the place I've been wanting to redesign into the perfect space for blogging and content creating.

Last year, just before the first world went into lockdown we'd spent a weekend gutting out the place, moved things around and I had enough space to add my desk amongst the rest of the room, you can read a little more about our first attempt at decorating this bedroom, here. That being said, I loved it and over the course of the first lockdown, this room became the place I found my place online, rediscovering my love for creativity, challenging myself in terms of my photography and over the year I've really felt comfortable with the content I wanted to share online...
To continue doing what I'm doing online, I needed the perfect office space...and I think we've *finally* completed it...I mean, I say I think because there's still some bites and pieces in the room that don't yet have a home, yep, there's a corner of junk that I've conveniently hidden in these photographs.  

Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs
Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs
Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs

If you're not following me on instagram, you may have missed the update that J recently started a new job, so this combined with Poster Store reaching out and wanting to help create the perfect gallery wall for own home, made this the perfect time to really complete this room.

As we've both been using this room much more recently for our separate content creating,  I knew I'd need J's help with the decision on the wall art we chose and if I'm being honest, we smashed it. We included a combination of a dream destinations, with pictures that resembled our relationship - the coffee, because we both worked as baristas' at the time, the cocktails because our first date was at a bar, and the hand holding because, pinky promises are very serious! 

Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs
Office Makeover w/ Poster Store - Sarahlaublogs

This felt like my biggest challenge yet in terms of interior designs and I'm glad it came together the way it did, we spent a couple days searching the website finding the perfect prints and deciding on the sizes that would match the room and making the most of the space we had. We kept things simple with the black frames as we thought adding any more colours to the room would over-load the overall vibe. 

If you're looking for inspiration to brighten up a room in your home, check out the prints & frames available on Poster can even use my discount code: {SARAHLAU35} and receive 35% off on your order of posters! *excluding selection*

Thank you Poster Store, the whole family is in love with what we've been able do with this room and it's finally the perfect spot to spend my weekends writing & creating my content, thank you for keeping me inspired! 



The last time I was able to sit down and dedicate some time to writing a blog post, I shared some reasons why I was glad to see the back of this year and why I was so damn excited to see in the new year. But I found myself in the final week of 2020 reminiscing on the good things that came out of this wild year. 

The one thing that my mind kept returning to was the fact that last year gave me the opportunity to dedicate more time to my blog and creating content in general and what I achieved last year alone is certainly something to write home about. 

However, I really don't think I would've achieved half of goals if it wasn't for the fact that I was constantly inspired and in admiration for other creators online. Some of whom I'm now lucky to call friends and others who I'll forever be grateful to. 

I felt quite fortunate during lockdown to spend all my free time working on what I wanted to share online, being able to discover more creators and having the opportunity to connect with people who have similar interests has had such a positive impact on my mental health, having a space to share my creativity and a place to practically offload my word vomit with people who are so welcoming and excepting to it, really has made me feel like I've found my feet with this lil side hustle and ugh, I'm so so grateful for that. 

Mushy gratitude aside, I honestly don't think I would've been able to discover myself creatively if I didn't have the inspiring people popping up on my feed and in an attempt to say thank you, I wanted to share with y'all the creators who inspired me and hopefully you'll find some new favourites to follow who can inspire you too... 

I don't think it's possible for me to explain how much I admire this girl and her work. Jess is one of the most dedicated gals online and honestly it really shows in everything she creates; from talking body confidence, to grief and mental health and even helping you find the positives in life. The way Jess continued to create content throughout last year really inspired and pushed me with my own, so trust me when I say you'll find something you love about Jess if you follow her, here.

If you're a fan of fun and magical content, Kelly is the gal for you! When I was struggling with my blogging back in 2019, I was so lost for inspiration and when I found Kelly's blog I felt ready to jump back into the blogging life. The way she writes is so relatable and relaxed, ya know? She's recently started sharing more content on IG that's magical edits and she's really challenged herself creatively and I love it so much. Kelly's instagram is here. 

I actually stumbled across Emily on youtube one evening and spent hours watching her videos, from the chatty videos, fashion posts and moving vlogs, I was immediately in love with the way she edits and creates her content...and for a full 24 hours I was convinced I was ready to attempt youtube. But when I realised I'm only good behind the camera, I quickly changed my mind. I've since followed Em's journey and I love to see her style on IG, how she's so empowering to others and generally creating an enjoyable community online - check it all out, here. 

We've been following each other for years, we live in the same town but it wasn't until 2020 where I truly felt our friendship really formed. Getting to know Leah and see the hard work she puts into her content is something that truly amazes me, her photography is so creative and so welcoming and oh if only I could create the things to the level she does - thank you for keeping me motivated to keep improving myself too! Follow Leah, here. 

Sophie shares the dreamiest photos! Her photography skills are out of this world tbh and she inspires me each and everyday. The thing I love most about Sophie is the fact I'm able to call her a friend, I can talk to her about anything from life to content creating & she's the most kind hearted soul. Keep being you Sophie, you're amazing! Ps. please give Soph a follow, here.

Not only is Sophia super supportive of what I create, which btw is very encouraging, so thank you my love! She's also one of those accounts I'll return to for constant inspiration - she creates the most beautiful makeup looks & has such a unique way of putting these together, but she also creates some gorge fashion content too, and I am here for it! Make sure you're following Sophia, here. 

Luke! Oh Luke you are amazing! Even if you aren't a creator looking for someone to follow to motivate you, you should 100% be following Luke - he creates such fun, creative and bold edits. Not only sharing the style he wears but also a challenging himself creatively and every time he just gets better and better. Luke is also the sweetest guy I've met online, he's so supportive of the people he follows and we all need more of that attitude in our lives. Follow Luke, here. 

I fell in love with Shannons content last year and it's safe to say my opinions not changed...but now I feel so privileged to say we've gotten to know each other recently and it makes me so happy. From the cosy at home vibes she shares, gorgeous fashion content and fun edits on her photos - Shannons creativity amazes me, she's always making something I admire and I'm constantly inspired and motivated to create content to the same level! Shannon's account is here! 

Well, it's been a hot minute since I was able to find some time to write and share anything remotely interesting on my blog, so I hope you are all doing well! 

I'm challenging myself to bring my blog back over the next couple of weeks, even if it's only one post a month - I've missed writing and today's post has just reminded me of why I fell in love with blogging so much last please bare with me while I find my direction again, but boy I can't wait to return to this corner of the internet. 

Let me know your fave creators?... 


Three Cheers For A New Year, Goodbye 2020.


Wow, what a shit show this year has been...and I certainly can't wait to see the back of it. 

Actually, maybe I'm being a little too rash, 2020 hasn't been all *that* bad. Earlier in the year I shared reasons why I'm grateful for 2020 and in all seriousness, those points are still valid, let's call this year an experience if anything at all. 

Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020
Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020
Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020

Actually I don't think I'm making much sense here at all, but this year has been a weird one for us all and the last few months have certainly been the most challenging for me - the most rewarding but also, pals I'm so exhausted. 

Rather than bore you with the details of my struggles of this year, I want to thank the year for the good things it's given me; time with family, strengthening relationships with my family, boyfriend and my best friends. I've been finally secured a digital marketing job {y'all know how much this one means to me} and I've been able to express myself more creatively and to really find my feet when it comes to what I want to share online. 

Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020
Three Cheers For New Year, Goodbye 2020

And with those cheers to the last year, out the way, I want to share some of the aspirations I have for the new year... 

And with those cheers to the last year out of the way, 2020 also saw some new beginnings for me and with that means lots of new opportunities will be available to me moving forward and to celebrate all that, I wanted to share with you some of the things that have me cheering for the new year... 


First on my list for things to accomplish in the new year is to simply relax. Since the end of September I’ve been working non-stop, 7 days a week with very little time off - {time off in November was only possible due to lockdown 2.0, so thank for that one Boris}. That being said, I’m hoping to spend the majority of my weekends in January finding the time to switch off from work, from my content and just taking the time to reset from the hectic year that was 2020. 


I know I've already eluded to this, however after years of searching, I can finally say that ya gurl got a job within digital marketing & surprisingly during the pandemic too, so yay! With that, in the new year I want to make sure I’m putting my all into my studies to become the best digital marketer I can be. My job is actually an apprenticeship so I've been training on the job, I meet virtually with my college assessor once a month and already I’m receiving great feedback {from my management, work colleagues and my college assessor} - and although I’m quite chilled about this, I want to know I’ve really focused myself into my study time and when I finally pass my course in 2022, I’ll know it’s been worthwhile. 


This has been tough during the last three months but by some miracle I’ve still been able to achieve it - but I can’t wait to make 2021, the year that my content really thrives. I've been quite lucky to have such a supportive following and god I'm sure you've witnessed my struggles over the years, the writers block, the inability to be on top of my photography and completely loose my love for content creating entirely. That being said, you’ve also watched me find my love for this corner of the internet again - and honestly? I have the last 12 months to thank for it! While it's been a bloody rollercoaster, my god my content has certainly benefited from it. 

In the new year I want to focus my attention on meeting with more creators, continuing to develop my photography skills and to continue sharing my famous flat-lays, being able to share more of my fashion & style posts and having the opportunities to work with more brands, oh I can not wait. 


Okay, this ones a stretch! But I’d love to be in the process of purchasing our first home - both J & I have been dealt some really shitty hands when it comes to careers & job roles over the years & I seriously can’t wait for the day we’re in a stable enough position that we’ll be able to put down a deposit on our first home and if by some miracle we're closer to this dream becoming a reality, that'll make next year one for the memories.  

...PS. Yes, I’ve already mentally decorated our bedroom, living room and omg, I’ve even started shopping for our kitchen utensils - not really, but I’m really fucking close. 


After the year we've experienced, honestly all I really want is to be happy. Cliche & cringe, I know...But some times it's the simple things in life that make the world of different to our mental health. This year has been filled with many rubbish things but it's really helped cleanse my mind from the toxic relationships, from constantly questioning my next move and to even comparing myself to everyone around me. I want to continue focusing on myself and the health relationships around me, knowing that I'm on my own journey to achieving things and sometimes we're so wrapped up in the comparison game that we forget to take a minute to enjoy what we've actually got. 

Thanks to Daisy London for my beautiful necklace which I've made a staple piece to my everyday routine over the last few months! Being able to experiment even with someone as simple as my jewellery has really given me such a confidence boost throughout this year and I can't wait to see how I can continue this in the new year. 

What are your three cheers for this year? 
What are you most looking forward to for the new year? ...Tell me in the comment, I'd love to know x 

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