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Blogging Mindset Mastery: Review.


So 2020 is the year of the online courses and I am here for it. Actually, I don't think online courses has ever not been a trend but this year I've worked through *three* and honestly, each one has been perfect for me and my creative needs. 

In my latest blog post I discussed in a little more depth about being more focused on my blogging and how this year has been the perfect opportunity for my website and my *brand* to grow. 

blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs
blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs

And I'm sure by now you're all aware of why it's been so important to me too, but I'm going to share the story anyways... 

Quitting my job last year was a massive turning point for me, my mental health was compromised and my confidence was knocked, so I went into a part-time job just to get my feet back on the ground and whilst I was extremely lucky that I had this part-time job, I was more adamant than I had been before to make my dream career my reality and although it's taken me a year to secure that dream job (more about that coming soon), blogging was the next best thing until this opportunity arose. 

Actually, blogging was part of the reason I was even offered my new job. I used my platform as a place to engage, connect and learn more about the online career opportunities, while being able to have fun creating at the same time, so thanks for the help! 

But what does this have to do with Blogging Mindset Mastery? Ahh, well you see, this year has been filled with growing my confidence with my content but it's also given me the time to sit down and work through some online courses and give myself that knowledge and confidence to move forward with my career goals and my blogs growth.  

After being in the blogging world for so many years, I thought I knew all that I needed to know about blogging and making the most of my platforms but boy, was I wrong.

In some cases, it wasn't that I didn't know the information, I just hadn't put it into practice or I wasn't being consistent with it and that's why I wasn't getting the results I was after, until spending the time on these courses and having that push in the right direction I'm able to make that effort to improve my mindset for blogging, my blog and how it's shared online and I can't wait to see it all come together. 

blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs

So having all that information and more in one place has been extremely useful. I spent the majority of August & September chipping away at the course, taking notes and always being grateful that it's accessible at any time for me (& so is Jenny, who's an absolute dream to work with). 

You'll notice a decrease in my blogging over the next coming weeks (working two jobs, seven days a week is going to hit me like a tonne of bricks) but I'm so grateful that I've now got all this knowledge for when I'm able to create again a little more consistently. So, to make it all the more easier to give you an idea of how the blogging mindset mastery, has helped with my creative journey I've split the post & topics into some questions. 


If we're being honest, I thought I had a good grasp on blogging and how it all worked, but since taking the mindset mastery course; I've come to the realisation that even when I thought I was doing things right - I still had a hell of a lot to learn. What I liked most about doing Jenny's course was that I always felt like even when I was reading a section about a part of blogging I was already confident about - I was still learning or developing my process that would actually give me some kind of result. 

It's also given me such a boost in confidence to know that I'm actually doing okay with my blog and I might actually have a clue what I'm doing online, so yay for that! 


I've always been quite a negative nelly  so I'm not expecting a miracle here and I don't think Jenny will expect it from me either - but knowing that I'm *trying* is all anyone can ask for. Personally I don't think that having a certain mindset for blogging will make a massive difference to what will make me successful, but I do agree that having a certain mindset about how I write, share and when creating any future will have a massive impact and that's something I've learnt about myself and my abilities from doing this course. 

I'll admit I was a little worried when I started this course and thought I wasn't the right person for it; but thankfully this isn't a course just about my mindset, and to be honest it's not a course where I'm constantly told that it's a must to change how I view things for my blog to be successful, instead I'm shown how thinking more positively will help me moving forward and as a whole encourages successful blogging in so many different aspects and I'm so grateful that Jenny has created a course that will ultimately make me a happier person when creating but isn't saying it's my only option - because damn it, sometimes my best work comes from my miserable mindset.  


Maybe my own self-doubt was holding my back before because there was so much I was already doing in terms of blogging, engagement, making money and getting exposure for my content but the problem was I wasn't doing it to the best of my ability. 

One of the lectures within the course was focused on pinterest and honestly, that platform is the bane of my life - whilst it's amazing for growth and engagement once you've cracked it - oh my god it's a nightmare when you're starting up. So if I've learnt anything from this course is; even though I won't love ever aspect of blogging, doing the hard work and boring will eventually pay off, so I guess I'm going to start chipping away at these tasks to see those results. 

blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs
blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs


Remember how I said I'm quite the negative nelly, well here she comes again... I've always believed that it's okay to go at my own pace for my blog, it started out as just a hobby after all and whilst I still stand by this fact if you're creating for fun. I do believe that if you're looking to make a career or to make money from blogging, having a set routine for your blog is important. Not only for your consistency, you're growth and overall engagement, but having that routine for yourself will work wonders with how you manage your time and energy when creating. 

At the moment I structure my days depending on what I need, so I'll focus one or two days in the week to get my photography sorted (outfits are a little different as I often do them as and when I'm wearing the outfit) and then spending the rest of my week writing posts and doing admin, around my social life and any working hours. 


I'm really sad about this part, because the *blogging mindset mastery* was the perfect opportunity for me  to gain some insight into how I could realistically turn my blogging into my job if I really wanted to pursue that career option, so if it's something you're working towards and you need a little push in the right direction, Jenny's course is definitely a good option for you. 

blogging mindset mastery review - sarahlaublogs

For me however, I'm taking everything I've learnt from my time with blogging mindset mastery and will be using it for my future with my blog, whatever that future may be. 

I'm a couple days away from starting my new job and I'm currently stressing out about what this means for my blog and it's connecting platforms (yep, I'm looking at you instagram) so please bare with me whilst I figure all that out.. 

Totally going off topic now, aren't I?...Basically, this course came to me at the perfect time. Jenny has created a course perfect for both new and established bloggers and I've spent the last couple of weeks working away at the topics, gaining insight and knowledge that I can use moving forwards (both personally & professionally too, yay) and I've even got PDF's & files to check back on for future reference. 

I know blogging courses aren't for everyone but if you're ever considering them - be sure to check out Jenny's Blogging Mindset Mastery! And let me know what part of blogging you want to learn more about? 



Sometimes I like to take my wins where ever I find them and however small they may be, and today we're celebrating the fact I've managed to blog consistently for the last year, I know, who would've thought it was possible. 

For someone who's actually been blogging for quite sometime you wouldn't typically question it, right? 

But after being in a creative rut for 2 years previously, I think this is an achievement I want to shout about, because damn, it took so much energy to bring myself back to the creative world. 

some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs
some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs

Being a veteran within this community it's safe to say I've watched many people come and go online, and as much as I miss the pals I made all those years ago; I didn't want to do the same - my creative rut came from personal and creative problems, so it's nice to see that I've been able to conquer it all and move forward. 

During the time at my full time job in 2019 I lost focus for my personal projects, so when I quit that job and started my part-time job, it was perfect timing to create again. On September 1st, my first day of *unemployment* I opened my laptop and decided it was time to share with the world again, and you've been so welcoming and let me come back, bigger and better than ever. 

The 10 days between my two jobs last year meant that I had this opportunity to sit down and really consider what I wanted to do moving forward, and going into a part-time job meant I had more days to photography and generally had more time spent at my desk to plan, write and be more involved online. 

some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs

How has it really been? Oh, blooming tough but actually I've hardly noticed I've been doing it. 

I've used this year to push myself harder than before, just because I've been more determined and I think it's really paid off. I found a routine that worked for me, I had more time to dedicate to my blog, photography and all other outlets, I created set days for which tasks I'd work on and thankfully with most of this year spent in lockdown I was able to continue this up until now...I'm hoping to share how I've managed to work my routine around my part-time job and how I've found the motivated to continue creating online all year long, so let me know if you think this would be beneficial? 

The toughest part of blogging consistently has been staying inspired and motivated on a regular basis, because no one is productive all day, everyday... honestly, we all need a day in bed watching Netflix from time to time. That being said I've always been one to over prepare and have a bulk of photography ready in advance - y'know incase a severe case of writers block takes over for weeks at a time, at least I've got my emergency back log at the ready. 

Weirdly one think I've constantly done since 2013 is taking my photographs in bulk, and it's been a massive plus for me in so many ways, not only has it helped when I've been busy at work, or when I need that *digital detox*, I can work on having up to two weeks of content ready to share on Instagram and I often have a weeks worth of blog post scheduled in advance too. 

some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs
some thoughts on blogging consistently for 365 days - sarahlaublogs

This was never an accomplishment I set my mind to and there was never an end goal for me, but I think  the fact I've done it has me all the more excited to continue creating.

Taking the time offline a couple years ago has allowed me to rediscover why I love creating this content and means that I'm no longer churning out posts that I dislike but in the hopes that it'll give me some extra followers and views; but instead during this time I've been doing it because I truly enjoy it. 

And this year has been the first time I've actually seen results on my blog - so thank you for keeping me motivated! 

I'm going to try my hardest to continue creating and sharing online, however I've recently got myself a full-time job and I'm currently processing how well it'll work hand in hand with my part time job - so whilst it's been a really good run for me and being able to have this time to work on my own creative projects, engage more in the online world and give myself some of the much needed experience for my future career goals, it's been fun! 





One thing I need to recognise more often is taking time off when I'm having a bad mental health day. 

I've always hoped I could use this space to become more of an advocate for mental health and although I don't have an excuse as to why that hasn't happened, instead I like to believe I'm becoming a voice of reason when it comes to accepting your bad days. 

chick flicks for when you're having a bad day - sarahlaublogs
chick flicks for when you're having a bad day - sarahlaublogs

Unfortunately for me, I've been experiencing more bad days than good recently and whilst it's really unsettling to constantly battle with my depression - it's how I cope with my bad days that I struggle with more and more. 

Like everyone else, I'm not very good at taking my own advice. So when it comes to needing that mental day off - I can't help but feel massively guilty over it. 

More often than not, I'll continue to work through any tough day that I'm having and it'll take until someone physically makes me switch off for me to *eventually* listen - luckily though, I think I'm getting better at this. I'm working lower hours at work already anyways, so it's more the blogging, working on online courses and trying to put myself into my dream career that I eventually drives me to burn out. 

chick flicks for when you're having a bad day - sarahlaublogs

So, whilst I'm terrible at accepting I need the time off - I've found that giving myself a simple evening of movies and self-care can be enough to do the trick, because as much as I crave switching off from any human interaction after just a couple days of socialising, truth be told I'm bored of my own company within an hour. 

The first time I started writing movie reviews on my blog was when I share my fav films that always made me cry and whilst the tear-jerker are still some of my favourites, it's probably time I share the films that make me laugh during my sad moments, rather than the ones that pull me deeper into my depression. 

...And the best way I'm able to combine my need for mental health reset and doing so without craving company, is watching some of my fav movies. 

If there's ever a film I want to watch when I feel like shit - well, it's always she's the man. I get a huge comic relief from watching this film and having done from the moment I first watched it, I know, how sad am I that I love a film this much - but she's the man is like perfect amount of comedy, music, fit people and a fairly decent storyline. The looks of disgust I get from people when I say this is my favourite film is unreal but they just don't understand. 

Another old favourite is a cinderella story, I'm not sure if I love it more because Hilary Duff or Chad Michael Murray...or just the both of them combined. If you experienced your teen years in 00's, then you already know the storyline and if you haven't got a clue what this film is about...please come back when you have. Thank you!

Hi, hello, you must be new here if you're never heard me talk about my love for Taron Egerton and on the days when I feel at my absolute lowest; watching the film that first ignited this love is a real winner. In the comedic twist to James Bond, you watch Eggsy the common Londoner become this bad ass Kingsman agent and I'm obsessed with it.  

I've had a soft spot for any Joey King movie since watching her in Ramona and Beezus back in 2009 and watching her grow up and being part of a Netflix original trashy movie is everything my romcom loving self needs....that and I think the boy who plays her boyfriend is cute. That being said I've also always had a soft spot for films that highlight friendships with the opposite sex - something that almost relates to my younger self, but actually watching a movie that doesn't end with the bff's falling in love is really quite refreshing. 
chick flicks for when you're having a bad day - sarahlaublogs

Right, so apprently when I'm in a bad head space, the thing that cheers me up is actually watching movies that cheered me up when I was a teenager, and this one is no different. Aquamarine instantly takes me back to sleepovers at 16 years old and wishes that we lived this close to the beach and the boys at school were really *that* cute - oh and imagine having a mermaid who offers you a wish too, oh why isn't life  really this cool?

If we're being completely honest, any film with a good musical number and I'm all ears. Watching school of rock does something for me, I think the fun of this film makes it all the more wholesome and enjoyable - also, I blooming love a little bit of Jack Black, okay? 

When I came across this movie a few years ago, it instantly became one of my favourites. I'm not sure whether it's because I've been in the middle of an opposite sex friendship and those feelings hit me, but also I spend the entire film silently cheering on Harry & Sally. This 80's film gives me autumnal vibes, comedy and the perfect amount of romance - also like most people, I really want to visit the cafe from *that* scent, oh yeah, you know the one. 

I feel quite lucky knowing that I've found a routine that works for me when I'm having a bad mental health day and I think this helps purely because these are all classics to me and reminds me of my favourite memories from my teen years...spending every weekend binge watching these trashy chick flicks! 

Whats your favourite chick flick when you're having a bad day? 




Can I let you in on a little secret? I don't think anyone has their shit together, it's just some people are better are faking it than others and if that's you - I applaud you and please teach me your ways?

A couple weeks ago my friend Gaby over at talk twenties, sent me some of her prints - it inspired me to talk about the life lessons in my 20's and as a girl approaching her late 20's I thought it would be a nice way to impart some wisdom to those in their early 20's and y'know pretending to be your big sister. 

what if i don't have my shit together - sarahlaublogs
what if i don't have my shit together - sarahlaublogs

But, unsurprisingly I was wrong when I thought I could preach about life lessons when in reality, I don't have a clue what I'm doing.

Truth be told, even as I'm creeping towards 30 - I'm still learning so much about life and realistically I'm probably not the big sister you want to turn to...maybe because I'm slowly promoting myself to the  position of family disappointment, whoops. 

If we're being totally honestly I don't really know what the outcome of this post will be; but instead I wanted to openly admit that I'm aware that I don't have my shit together and instead of being embarrassed about it - owning my own misfortunes. 

I've always felt ashamed of how my life has fallen into place; from the breakdown of a long term relationship (I'm still w/ J, don't worry), moving back home at 24 and quitting my job at 26 - my life hasn't exactly fallen into place like we all imagine it would when we're daydreaming as teenagers and whilst all the things mentioned above were done to save my mental health, I can't help but always feel ashamed of myself because of them. 

No matter how many times I tell myself that everything in life happens for a reason; I often find myself wondering what I've done for my life to look the way it does now, and how the hell I can fix it? 

what if i don't have my shit together - sarahlaublogs
what if i don't have my shit together - sarahlaublogs

At the beginning of this year I was determined to make this the *year* I turned my life around and whilst I'm not beating myself up over the fact the pandemic made this a million times harder for me, it's definitely not made it an easier ride. 

I've been fairly lucky to make the most of my time during lockdown and used it to my advantage - blogging and instagram became a comfortable outlet for me creatively and inspired me to turn my side hustle into some form of training towards my dream career. 

Don't worry, this hasn't gone as smoothly as I'd hoped. I'm constantly filled with self-doubt and consider throwing in the towel regularly.

Let's be honest, none of this post makes sense does it? Neither does my life, so we're onto a good track... Okay, so I don't want to come across as a melodramatic and honestly, I have a lot to be thankful for but damn, I don't half feel lost with my life. 

I'm okay finding myself setting myself a million and one plans before drifting off to sleep and waking up the next morning unsure where to begin. There's some small life goals which I think are more achievable but then once I get the ball rolling with these; remind myself that I'm currently not earning the big bucks. 

So don't even get me started on how I'm coping with getting myself my dream job, I'm slowly finding all the materials I need to train myself in the crazy world that we call *digital marketing* but if we're putting all the cards on the table - I'm often overwhelming myself with it all. 

what if i don't have my shit together - sarahlaublogs

I don't have my shit together but I promise I'm trying to do everything in my power to become the woman my 15 year old self would be proud of... now if only I could figure out which step to take first, it might eventually all work out.

Coincidentally, thanks to Gaby from talk twenties I've found girls in marketing which has been helping me massively this month just to touch base with my plans for the future, at the moment reading through and taking notes from instagram uploads, articles written on the website and even getting myself signed up to some free online courses - now, if only payday could hurry up and I'll be able to purchase the Journey to Successful Freelance Marketing. 

Truth be told I need to stop seeing my worth based on my successes, job title or even what I've accomplished in life and remind myself on what I've managed to achieve even during my lowest mental health dips.. 

So maybe that's my challenge for the rest of 2020. Take each online course at a time, slowly working my way through any additional training and continue to work towards my dreams but also teach myself not to be too hard on myself. Remind myself of the struggles of faced, remind myself that I'm literally starting this from the very bottom and with very little hands on help, keep going Sarah, we'll get their eventually!  

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