It's taken me long enough to finally realise that making the most of my blog - requires a shit tonne of work... 

Obviously this all depends on what you want out of your blog - my current predicament is being torn between this being a little bit of fun and this somehow being an income for me; so what ever you've decided to do with this blog 'thang', maybe this post can help.  

blogging check-list - See the Stars Blog
blogging check-list - See the Stars Blog

During lockdown I've been spending the majority of my weekdays at my desk, teaching myself new techniques, ways in which I can improve my DA score, and finding ways of taking photographs and doing what I can to improve my writing. 

I've never felt more driven or determined to take See The Stars to a whole other level, and thankfully I've got some really great accounts and websites that have kept me constantly inspired throughout. 

Technically everything I'm about to share has always been things I've done mentally, so I'm putting this check-list online, should *fingers crossed* be beneficial for everyone - oh and a challenge for me to remember what order I do everything in...,

blogging check-list - See the Stars Blog

I really wanted to call this my little black book (lol), anyways this is where all my ideas begin, I've found my best process when it comes to creating content is to write everything down. My pal Tarnya @ Sweet Allure shared her's with me a few years ago and I've not looked back since. I carry it everywhere I go, ya know just incase. I use my A5 notepad as a place to jot down any and all ideas (yes, even the shit ones) and look back when I need a little help, pick the good ones and start the blog writing process.  

Quite often I like to plan our future posts and spend at least one morning throughout the week taking all necessary photos to achieve blog posts or social media uploads (hello, I'm obsessed with instagram right now). Being able to create these photos all at once; admittedly isn't always unachievable but when it is, it really helps my process and the I begin to feel my ideas becoming reality. 

I"ll edit these photos throughout the days I want to write my posts (again, it's the reality thing coming into play again). My favourite editing process right now has to be VSCO - oh, airdrop is a god send and makes this so much easier. I've been playing with my photography edits over the last couple of months and I've really enjoyed being this experimental with my photography, I use apps including a design kit, pics art and canva to make my images more fun and eye-catching to my following. 

Y'know those tedious tasks you'd ignore? Even though you knew you'd need them, well thats what I've been doing with my blog and all it's necessary admin bits, well it turns out they're essential parts of creating a successful blog.

Before beginning any post, I've started an admin check list; I focus on creating a SEO friendly title (this is sometimes my most challenging task). Adding tags & labels to make my post more discoverable on my own website too, I then type up a meta description making sure I include my title, keywords and a general review of what this post is about. Oh, and also trying to remember to add alt text onto my photographs is a take that always goes under the radar from time to time.

blogging check-list - See the Stars Blog

Very self-explanatory, I'll let you do this one on your own... 

Much to my surprise I've been lucky enough to gave a consistent flow of post scheduled as of late, so more often than not I need to remind myself when my posts have gone live, doh. 

On the days these go live I'll head over to Canva and create a Pinterest graphic and share the post via Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter. I'll then check over my buffer schedule and update my latest post onto the list. 

And there we have it, I think that's everything...

Some of these changes are small, some I've finding difficult to remember but over time I know these little adjustments will eventually make bigger improves for my blog. 

Do you follow a check-list when creating your content? What point do you think is most important? Am I missing anything? 

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